Real Life Hacks – 4 Questions to Save Time (Part 2)

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This post is a sequel for Part 1 of 4 Questions to Save Time. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, I strongly recommend reading it here. 

We discussed the first two questions and the next two questions that we need to think about are:

Question 3: Can it be delegated, or can I teach someone else how to do this?

Professionally, and personally there definitely are things that can be delegated. The problem with me was that I always thought I could get something done faster than teach someone to do it. But there came a point where I could not manage time properly, and then I realized I’m better off spending time teaching some one to perform those tasks. That way I only have to spend more time initially but once the person learns how to do the task it saves me a lot of time. 

Question 4: Should I do this task now, or can I do it later?

Vaden call this technique “procrastinate on purpose.”  Many times we have things on our to-do list with a due date that does not warrant the urgency. Doing this takes away time that can be used to do something more productive. Learning to assign appropriate due dates can help us save time too! 

These, my friends, are the four questions that can help us multiply our time and be more productive. 

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