My Inspiration, My Life!


I’m 23 years old but my life started 45 years ago. If you are wondering how? Exactly 45 years ago God sent someone down here for me. Yes, it’s my Mother or as I believe her – The God next to God. My personality has been (and is still being) carved out from childhood only being inspired by her. There is not a single moment I don’t learn something from her or I don’t get inspired by her. I’ve seen her working hard for so many years and yet doesn’t do anything for herself. She does everything only for her kids. I’ve never seen her desiring for Sarees, Jewellery, Money or any such luxuries. I bet you, if she had worked for herself rather than for us , today we would not have been as we are today and for that I must thank her from the bottom of my heart.

She has taught me simplicity, hard work, commitment, dedication, loving others and living for others. If I keep talking about all she has taught me directly or indirectly, this blog post will be the longest post ever.

Her day starts before the sun rises, she completes her daily chores, cooks food for us and then leaves for work (She is a Business Woman). She completes all this before anyone in the house even wakes up. I sometimes wonder if God has woven the habit of waking up early into her.

She travels by public transport and reaches her destination which is about 25 Miles away from home. She also buys groceries and things required for her for the day. Yes, she carries them all the way.

Her day at work starts at 8 in the morning and ends at 5 in the evening and I know how strenuous it is to handle a business of such capacity. She then travels back the same 25 Miles back and reaches home at around 7 PM. And the sad part is she doesn’t have time to take rest even now. She again starts preparing dinner for us. And then comes my favorite part of the day, My mom feeds us with her hands. And here she is being selfish, she does this only because we tend to eat better when she feeds us than when we eat on our own.

This makes me say “A Mother’s stomach happens to be full when she sees her children eat full”. She never cares if she has eaten anything in the whole day or not but doesn’t let us sleep empty stomach. In this process, without knowledge, she teaches me Sacrifice. The only time she gets to relax and watch Television is the time she feeds us. Here she teaches me being away from things that don’t benefit us or others anyway. Only after making sure that everyone had dinner and everything is ready for the next day’s preparation, she sleeps very late in the night and still wakes up as early as possible the next morning. When I think how we deprive her of sleep, I feel like I don’t need anything else in this life and she deserves some rest.

There might not be anyone in this world who finds inspiration in someone’s Dark Circles but I do !!! When I see my Mom, not getting the sleep she deserves and the dark circles under her eyes, I get inspired to work harder and achieve more and more in life to make her happy.

She didn’t have work so hard for us, she could have chosen to be a housewife like many women around her did. But she never thought that way. She only thought about us, she always strives to give us better lives, she doesn’t want us to work hard like her and for all this she has been sacrificing herself and will continue to do unless she sees us well settled in life.

Today, on her Birthday I wish to express – “Mom, All these years you have worked relentlessly for us, going forward I will definitely achieve what you always wanted me to, I will make you feel proud, I will look after you like a Queen, You will not need to worry about anything in life and I will take care of you”.

Although this is just a glimpse of my Mother and her Love Towards us, I dedicate this article to my Mother, as a token of Love, on this very special day.

Happy Birthday Mom …!!! (Sept 7th)



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