Real Life Hacks – Achieve Your Goals Faster Using FIT Technique

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I came across an article on the internet a few months ago that introduced me to a new technique to achieve goals faster. Even better, this technique is not just one of those fad that social media influencers introduce every now and then. FIT was studied by researchers from the U.K. and Australia and they concluded that this technique was able to actually help (statistically proven).

What is FIT?

FIT stands for Functional Imagery Training. This technique involves strong visualization about what it would be like to achieve your goal in sensory detail. FIT trains you imagine plan behaviors, anticipate obstacles, and mentally try our solutions from previous successes.

What about the study?

The study was designed by the researchers to assess FIT’s effectiveness for weight loss. 141 adults with BMI greater than 25 were recruited as participants. Participants were randomly placed into two groups – one group received  FIT therapy, and the other group received Motivational Interviewing therapy (MI). MI is a treatment that requires people to articulate their goals but does not focus on visualization and sensory detail. Both groups started with an hour-long, face-to-face session, followed by a series of supporting phone calls (booster calls) with frequency decreasing over the course of six months. Participants were measured before the research started (baseline), at the end of the intervention (6 months), and again 12 months after the research started.

How were the results?

People in the FIT group roughly lost six times more weight than their peers in the MI group. While the average weight loss in the FIT group was 8.8 pounds (4 kilograms) it was only 1.5 pounds (0.7 kilograms) in the MI group. Interestingly, the FIT group also kept losing weight after the study ended.

What was different with the FIT group?

The incredible difference in the results was because the participants in the FIT group visualized performing activities that were going to be too strenuous and challenging with their current weight and size. One participant reported that she visualized herself  fitting into a dress she loves at her daughter’s graduation. It helped her sustain her motivation for longer than usual and supported her weight loss goal.

With science backed results, FIT seems like a good technique to help you achieve something tangible this new year. Go ahead, set your goals and start visualizing your plans, obstacles, and the rewards when you achieve your goal.


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